Field Trips

Field Trip Forms


Transportation / Bus Request Procedures and Forms

Please use the procedures and forms listed below when requesting transportation services.

District Bus Rules

Parents are asked to please review the following district bus rules with their child before the start of school. Citations may be issued by the bus driver for any violations of these rules and regulations and a copy of the citation will be sent to the home address of record.

Approved Vendors

If the district is unable to provide transportation services, this is the list of our approved vendors for charter buses:

At this time, please do not search for vendors outside this list. All of these vendors have been properly vetted by the district and are aware of all the regulations that are to be followed while transporting ESUHSD students. If these vendors are unable to accommodate your trip, please call 408-347-5071. 

Field Trip Instructions

*EVHS requires 1 adult supervisor for each 15 students and 1 adult of each gender for overnight trips that include both genders.