Each election will have a voter's guide published at the link above. All candidates submit their own image and information video.

  • ASB Elections are in January

  • Class Officer Elections are in May

  • Freshmen Class Officer Elections are in August

  • All students receive an electronic ballot from SurveyMonkey via their @students.esuhsd.org email account.

Freshmen Class Officer Elections

Ballots will be sent to the email your @students.esuhsd.org email on Friday, August 21st.

Ballots close on Monday, August 24th @ 4:30PM!

Use this guide to help you be informed about who is making decisions for you and your school. Your vote is important and CAN make a difference at EVHS. Choose your representatives wisely based on their service to EVHS and how they model social responsibility. A good leader leads by example and serves their constituents. GOOD leaders are chosen by GOOD VOTERS. - ROAR