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Evergreen the home of Cougars We will roar and fight and win!

No one can deny our greatness<

We will triumph yet again!

Evergreen above the valley,

Always REACHING for the top!

Raise your black and teal up high

Evergreen will never die!

2023 2024

President: Ness Vu

Vice President: Luke Nguyen

Treasurer: Chris Wu

Secretary: Anna Tran

ICCC: Aaron Nguy

Publicity & Marketing: Derick Nguyen

Connections Crew: Tilani Lee

Historian: Jasmine Tran

Athletics Commissioner: Vincent Lo

2024 2025

President: Derick Nguyen

Vice President: Tilani Lee

Treasurer: Aaron Nguy

Secretary: Kaylee Dang

ICCC: Vincent Lo

Publicity & Marketing: Allan Tran

Connections Crew: Jun Handa

Historian: Jasmine Tran

Athletics Commissioner: Zoey Pham

Activities Director

Virginia Yenter Yanowsky

Class Officers


President: Juliet Tran

Vice President: Lilly Nguyen

Treasurer: Brandon Pham

Secretary: Lyna Huynh

Publicity & Marketing: Katie Bui


President: Aanya Sanjay

Vice President: Allan Tran

Treasurer: Elyssa Mariano

Secretary: Elliot Wellbaum

PR: Jolie Nguyen


President: Hannah Chan

Vice President: Laya Krishnan

Treasurer: Isabelle nguyen

Secretary: Andrew Huynh

PR: Zoey Pham


President - Adalyn Doan

VP - Emerson Calso

Secretary - Sashank Gopalakrishnan

Treasurer - Justin Wu

PR - Genevieve Amoah

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