Vision & Mission

Vision statement

Students will be curious, evaluative, daring, and resilient people who care for themselves and those around them.

Mission Statement

Students will be effective critical thinkers who thrive in society.


  • We believe in a rigorous curriculum that appropriately challenges all students to be college and career ready.

  • We believe in the importance of remaining open-minded and fair in all situations.

  • We believe in the need to maintain an environment that is safe, welcoming, and equitable for all.

  • We believe in modeling the ability to learn from setbacks.

  • We believe in recognizing and striving to meet the emotional and academic needs of our students.

Goals / learning outcomes

Realize Our Potential:

Students will be challenged, academically, to reach their highest potential, as measured by:

  • Graduation Rates

  • Percentage of students graduating having completed the A-G requirements

  • AP Participation Rates

  • AP Test Passing Rates

Own Our Actions:

Act With Integrity & Respect our Community: Students will exhibit these behaviors, as measured by:

  • Decrease in discipline referrals

  • Decrease in suspension days

  • Decrease in bullying

  • Decrease in referrals for academic integrity

  • Maintaining and increasing daily attendance

  • Increase in positive responses on the 10th grade climate survey

  • Increase positive responses on the 12th grade exit survey