Cougar Spotlight

Cougars in the news 2021 - 2022

Aarav Navani

Aarav Navani, a junior at Evergreen Valley High School, has been recognized by the ESUHSD Board of Trustees and KRON news for the development of a meal order application for the more than 23,000 students of ESUHSD.

He worked throughout the 2020 pandemic year with the district’s IT department and Julie Kasberger, Director of Child Nutrition Services, to develop a meal order app.

Aarav was able to design a program that allows students to customize their meals and pay online to decrease the long lunch lines significantly. The district expects to save money by reducing food loss, increase productivity by assembling the meals in advance.

“Aarav used his experience as a student and his skills as a programmer to make an app that will make lunch time a joy,” said Randy Phelps, ESUHSD Chief Technology Officer. “To see young people developing applications that have immediate and lasting impact for our students and staff is empowering and encouraging,” said Phelps.

Aarav has said that he enjoys problem solving and especially improving human efficiency. He is interested in continuing to develop tools which will improve the quality of life for his fellow students and make ESUHSD schools run more efficiently. Within this app, Aarav is already thinking of adding support for different languages and nutritional information and allergy warnings for each food item.

WAY TO GO Aarav Navani!

See the News video here

Cougars in the news 2020 - 2021

Shreyaa Karan received an Honorable Mention Award for the project "Cranial Hemorrhage - Sectionalization & Ascertaining the Non-Contrast CT Scans using Deep Learning" at the 2021 Synopsys Science Fair Championship from the Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair Association (SCVSEFA). In addition to this, she received a Special Award from the Yale Science and Engineering Association for her project. This award is given to the most outstanding 11th grade student at the Synopsys Science Fair whose project lies in the field of Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, or Chemistry.

5 EVHS PTSA students earned the Distinguished Presidential Service Award this year!

  • Abhinav Balla

  • Hiral Mehta

  • Neha Raj

  • Ritali Jain

  • Srita Kothuri

Congratulations to Sneha Revanur

Winner of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations for 2021, representing the Bay Area for her work work on Encode Justice

Congratulations to Paula Escobar on being named as finalists for the Santa Clara County Poet Laureate!

Congratulations to Swasti Johri on being named as finalists for the Santa Clara County Poet Laureate!

Harriet and Annabel Gensler participated in the Marian Filice Youth Piano Competition at Gavilan College and won 1st and 2nd place and received $800. They donated that money to the Bill Wilson Center

Kaylyn Phan, Affiliate Winner

Jessica Qu, Affiliate Rising Star

Anushka Sheth, Affiliate Honorable Mention

have earned an NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC).

The Bay Area Affiliate of the AiC selects 70 winners from a pool of 234 applications covering 13 Bay Area counties.


Christina Yao

National Merit Scholarship Winner


Christina Yao

National Merit Scholarship Winner


Congratulations to HIRAL MEHTA for earning the 2020 Presidential Volunteer Service Award!

Congratulations to CLAIRE ZHU for earning the 2020 Presidential Volunteer Service Award!

Congratulations to NIVEDITA L. SANGHAVI for earning the 2020 Presidential Volunteer Service Award!

Yashika Batra's astrophysics research paper was published within the Columbia Junior Science Journal on Gamma Ray analysis. The link to the website is here, the link the the whole paper PDF is here, and the link to her specific paper is here.

EVHS's Science Olympiad team, as part of Science and Tech Club has virtually attended a number of national invitational competitions, some numbering over 150 teams in size, and brought home impressive results.

Congratulations to:

  • Daleep Pannu

  • Jason Lin

  • Daleep Pannu

  • Viti Gaonkar

  • Akshita Raghuraman

  • Shuhul Mujhoo

  • Daleep Pannu,

  • Preethi Nalluru

  • Pranav Karthik,

  • Sanjana Taware

  • Aditya Karthik

Mr. Ortiz's Spanish I project, a newspaper, in Spanish, called La Voz.

La Voz in English means "The Voice"

Students can publish their opinions about the world and practice their Spanish at the same time.

Please enjoy our first edition of la Voz

Congratulations! William Kimani!

William has been selected to receive an engraved bronze Distinguished Finalist medallion in The 2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for outstanding volunteer work! He was chosen by state-level judges as one of the top CA runners-up in this year’s program.

This is a great honor for William and for EVHS.

Way to Go William!

EV senior Selena Huang's Timeless, a painting has been choses as part of the San Jose Downtown Doors program. You can see it in person at 396 S. First Street (San Salvador/First Street)

EV's Raymond Tran was selected to participate in the Stanford Earth Young Investigators Biodiversity program this summer!

Urja Gathoo published her first novel, "The Earth & the Skye" through Amazon.

The book is about Gun Violence incidences in schools and the effects of those directly/indirectly affected by it.

"A school shooting. Seven bullets. Seven dead. One twin alive, the other gone. A little over four months later, after politicians have stopped using her pain as their personal weapons after the world has moved on and the news cycle has forgotten, fifteen-year-old Skye Donovan is struggling to glue together the shattered remains of her life and let go of her twin, who had been her everything."

Jason Lin's article regarding "Phage Therapy" was featured on the TeenInHealth webpage.

EVHS donated almost $5000.00 to the Bill Wilson Center to support homeless teens in San Jose.

Vanessa Caustrita sent her thank you via video.

EV's Shreya Vinjamuri and teammates Isabella Hochschild and Aarushi Choudhary created the Buddi app this summer. They won second place in the Information and Coping Tools division of the COVIDathon challenge.