Mission Statement:

The EVHS National Honor Society is based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character; we work together to give back to the community while being model citizens and students.

Advisor: Mr. Lucas

Current Requirements:

Application Requirements:

The following are judged by a faculty council:  

Leadership, Service, Character.  A student must excel at all 3.  

This is judged based upon the faculty council looking at a student's application packet which will include a listing of the community service they have done, their leadership roles, their extra curricular activities, an essay they will write, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member.  The only items that they may include are things they have done since the beginning of their high school careers.  If a member of the faculty council decides the student has excelled in all 3 areas, they vote yes for that student.  If they are deemed deficient in any one or more of the areas, they vote no.  If the majority of the faculty council votes yes, then that student is offered entrance into NHS.