Drop Off & Pick Up Rules


  1. Please make sure you’re maintaining a speed below 10 mph on campus and that you’re watching out for pedestrians.

  2. Be careful coming to quick stops and letting students out of cars. It puts you and your student at risk.

  3. Make sure students are getting out at a curb or crosswalk.

  4. Please pull forward from the Ruby side of the parking lot and use the yellow curb pick-up / drop-off area. Please avoid the Red Zones as they are Fire Lanes and for emergencies only.

  5. Watch out for walking students, cyclists, skateboarders and athletes. Encourage students to use our crosswalks on campus to ensure safe crossing and riding.

  6. Please do not pick up or drop off students on Arcade Avenue, east of the school. That is the staff parking lot and a residential zone.

  7. Please don’t drive into campus on the maintenance service roads for any reason.

  8. You are welcome to park and wait for your student under the Solar Panels as long as you’re not in a staff parking zone. You decrease emissions when you turn the car off and wait in the shade for your EVHS Cougar.

  9. Please be mindful of the parking cones and traffic chains, they are there to make it safe for you and your student.

  10. Make sure you follow the flow of traffic.

Campus Pickup / Drop Off Map


Thank you to all who are picking up your students in the designated drop-off and pick-up zones on campus each day. Traffic is moving smoother with the addition of new lanes and we are working hard to make sure students are safe on campus. Keep being safe Cougars!