All donations made to EVHS Clubs or Sports must be deposited into the EVHS School Bank ASAP.

  • Fill out this form and submit it with a deposit slip to the school bank with the donation.

  • Make sure that all checks are made out to EVHS ASB and your club name. Write your club account number on the check and form as well.

  • For large donations use the Tax Exempt letter provided by the ESUHSD Office and the large donation form.


Legally all money collected/earned by a club or student organization at EVHS must be deposited into the School Bank. No money may be taken out of a club or organization’s account without following the RPO process. There must be a CLEAR and concise accounting of all funds.

Please be sure that each donor receives a signed donor receipt for their records.

It is the responsibility of the club advisor and the treasurer of the club to keep concise records and copies of all RPO forms, deposit receipts and purchases receipts for their club.

FCMAT regulations do not allow ASB accounts to make donations to charitable organizations.

If a club or organization wishes to make a monetary charitable contribution to a non-profit organization it must be made in cash and must be accompanied by a receipt from the organization. Please follow the process below to ensure that your club remains compliant with state recommendations.


  1. Students collect check or cash donations (checks are preferred) with adviser and charitable organization supervision

  2. Check donations should be made out directly to the Charitable Organization that will be receiving the donation.


  3. The event must be clearly identified as raising funds to donate to a specific charity.

  4. All cash collected must given directly to the charitable organization on the day of the event. The organizations representative must provide a receipt verifying the amount of the donation.

  5. Keep a copy of the receipt with your club documents. Submit the original to the school bank to file with the fundraiser request to show the donation was received.

  6. If your club is hosting a charitable event w/ ticket sales you must use an online sales system (such as PurplePass) and have the sales income sent directly to the charity.

    • Provide a receipt showing that the donation was sent to the charitable organization to the school bank ASAP AND keep a copy in your club folder.