Purchases & Deposits


Legally all money collected/earned by a club or student organization at EVHS must be deposited into the School Bank. No money may be taken out of a club or organization’s account without following the RPO process. There must be a CLEAR and concise accounting of all funds. It is the responsibility of the club adviser and treasurer of the club to keep concise records and copies of all RPO forms, deposit receipts and purchases receipts in the club's online folder. Please carefully follow the procedures below when using funds for your club or organization.

All forms are located in the locker to the left.


  • Conduct a club meeting that records the approval of the expenditure being made.

    • Make sure to include the name of the vendor, the amount being paid, including sales tax, freight, etc., a description of the services/products rendered, and quantities where applicable, with the appropriate documentation. - ex. Quote, registration, forms, etc.

  • Generate an RPO and fill out all requested information

    • Incomplete RPOs without proper documentation (quotes/minutes/signatures) will not be approved.

    • Club are responsible for checking the progress of their RPOs on the RPO Tracker and following up with any additional documents.

  • Once ASB approves an RPO it is forwarded to the School Bank for approval

  • If approved, the School Bank creates a PO and submits it to the administrative staff for authorization.

  • AFTER administrative authorization is granted the club may spend the funds requested.

    • No Funds Can Be Spent without Administrative Authorization

    • This includes reimbursements. AFTER you have authorization, make the purchase and submit a signed receipt to the school bank to process a reimbursement check.

    • Reimbursements are subject to limits of $200 for students & parents.

  • Once items are received (shipped to school) advisors/coaches must sign the invoice and submit it to the school bank.

    • Reimbursement RPOs must have a signed receipt submitted.

    • No checks can be cut or vendors paid until a signed receipt or invoice is submitted to the bank.

It is important that you adhere to this policy and ensure that fraud and misappropriation of funds is not occurring within your club and the ASB organization. Future occurrence can lead to legal prosecution and, club suspension.



Clubs must sign a budget carry over request form or all of your money will be swept into the ASB Equity account for general ASB use.

  • No club can keep more than 20% of their balance from one school year to the next – unless they have a long term goal they are working towards.

Please check the Activities Calendar for end of year close out dates each year.

  • No checks will be accepted by the bank after a certain date. (All transactions must be made in cash)

  • All RPOs must be submitted for payment by a specified date.

  • All Reimbursement Receipts must be received to the School Bank by a specified date.

  • No RPOs or Reimbursements will be approved or processed for payment after the cut-off date

    • This includes reimbursement receipts from earlier in the year.

All clubs must balance their accounts and make sure that the balance they show equals the balance in the ASB works. All club advisors and treasurers have access to monitor their accounts on ASB Works.