advisors' & Coachs' FAQs


  • All Fundraisers must be approved by ASB

    • Submit an ERF at least 3 weeks prior to marketing your fundraiser.

      • Check the status of your ERF request BEFORE marketing begins

    • Deposit all money with the Fundraiser Deposit form

    • Checks must be made out to EVHS Athletics/ your sport

    • All donations must be deposited with the Donations Deposit Form

      • This includes online donation drives - ALL fundraising of any kind must be approved by ASB

      • Checks must be mailed directly to EVHS School Bank.


  • NO CHECKS can be cut without an invoice AND prior approved receipt.


  • All Purchases must be prior approved via an RPO (Request for Purchase Order)

    • Reimbursements must be prior approved and receipts signed and submitted asap

    • Contracts for busses or other long term items must be approved BEFORE scheduling

  • Acceptable Purchases Include:

    • Awards for your team leaders

    • Food and decoration for team banquets

    • Uniforms or other clothing items that students have raised money to pay for

    • Equipment for team usage

    • Travel and/or hotel for tournaments

    • Security Officer and/or Custodial reimbursement to EVHS Facilities account

  • Unacceptable Purchases Include:

    • Coaching bonus or payment to any staff member

    • Gifts or Gift Cards

    • Non-Preapproved Items

      • Approved = Club Approval, Advisor Approval, ASB Approval AND Admin Approval

      • Check the RPO Tracker for the status of your RPO BEFORE spending any money

Sports are Clubs at EVHS and must follow all club rules

    • Read the Club Handbook and the Club Adviser Handbook to know the rules

    • Hold regular meetings and make sure all of your purchases, donations, expenses, etc. are approved by your team, ASB & the Administration.

    • Keep and maintain your club Google Drive with ALL minutes, Invoices, Quotes, and copies of your receipts. (By law you must keep all records for at least 6 years)

    • Renew your club charter annually

    • Complete club finance training in August or January AND complete the finance training online quiz with a score of 100%.

Once all paperwork is submitted and accepted your club account will be active

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