African-American Parent Coalition


The AAPC's mission is to be an advocate and supporter for the African American student community at EVHS. We need more involvement from parents of African American students to sustain this important parent organization and ensure the success of our students. We invite you to get involved and be a part of this support system. The goal of the AAPC is to work closely and be involved with our school’s Black Student Union (BSU) and give you the opportunity to participate in beneficial parent workshops that support parental involvement. The AAPC is a great resource to learn about the community and school events that support your student’s academic success.

If you are interested in forming the AAPC, fill out this form, and register today!

Please contact:

Zuly Reyes

Parent and Community Involvement Specialist




BSU meets every Thursday at lunch in Rm. P111.

BSU is a great student organization that promotes and raises awareness to support the African American culture through various events and activities.

To support or learn more about upcoming BSU events, we encourage you to attend the AAPC meetings or contact Zuly Reyez, BSU Advisor,

AAPC parents are encouraged to volunteer to work with EVHS BSU