Summer School

Summer School 2023 for current EV students and Incoming Freshman: 

Dates:  1st Semester June 20 - July 6 (no classes July 3 and 4).  Second Semester July 7 - July 21

 The district usually provides information to the schools regarding what classes they will offer in summer school around the end of March.  When we get information, it will be posted here and will be on the announcements.  Usually EV operates with a very limited summer school; most classes will be for current EV students who failed a class during the regular year.  We also usually offer some type of Bridge class for the incoming freshman - this class is designed for students who have struggled in middle school and need some type of boost before they start high school.  SOMETIMES we are funded for an Enrichment class for the incoming freshman and frequently we do not know this until very late in spring.  

Note:  Summer school funding is provided by the state and since EV is not a Title I school, we have a lot less funding than other schools in the district and thus are able to offer less classes.  



As a department, we strongly advise against students taking any summer school math course to advance

Over the years we have seen too many students who have taken math in summer school to advance a year perform poorly in their subsequent math classes.  Oftentimes the poor performance does not show up until the high level courses of Math Analysis or Calculus.

The school year is 38 weeks long, while summer school classes are only 5 weeks. Taking a math course in summer does not allow students adequate time to learn, process, and retain the material and thought processes needed for success in future math courses.  Only students who currently have an A in their math class and find it to be VERY EASY should consider taking summer math to advance.  An A is not enough. All students who do take summer math should be prepared to seek extra help the following year.

Also, EVHS has no control over the curriculum offered, the teachers who teach the classes, nor the level of difficulty of the course. Summer school programs are not always aligned with the EVHS math curriculum and may not cover all the lessons that are need to advance.