Summer School

Dan Johnson

Summer School Administrator


  • Summer School 2022 at EVHS will be an in person learning model.

  • Dates for first semester are 6/21-7/6 (no school 7/4), second semester will be 7/7 - 7/22.

  • Classes will be from 8:30-1:45 with a 20 minute break.

Summer School this year will be only for students who need to repeat courses in order to get credit for the class because they failed it during the regular year. Students who wish to improve a D grade are welcome to apply, and will be admitted if there is space in a class. No enrichment / accelerated classes for current students will be offered by EVHS. We plan to offer Math 1, Math 2, English 1, English 2, World History, and Spanish 1 as teacher led repeater classes pending student signups. We will also offer a Cyber High class. Priority for Cyber High will be non graduating seniors, then current juniors. Classes such as Government, Economics, US History, and English 3 and 4 can be done in the Cyber High class. Please note that Cyber High is still in person at EVHS in the above dates and hours. There will also be a Bridge class for incoming freshman (students who need to improve their skills in order to be successful in Math 1 and English 1 next year), but we will be working directly with the feeder schools to recruit those students.

Attendance in summer school is crucial - each day is the equivalent of about 8 days of regular school. On the third day of a summer school absence, students will be subject to removal from summer school.

If you are interested in taking summer school, please fill out the form which is below.

Incoming Freshman Bridge Program

Summer Bridge Program For Incoming Freshman: EVHS will be offering one section of summer bridge for our incoming Cougars. This class is meant for those students who have struggled in school and need a boost before starting school in the fall. The class will focus on study skills, self reflection, and other areas that will benefit students. It is not content specific and is not to advance to the next level of any class. Students will earn 10 elective credits if successfully completed. If you have done well in 8th grade, this class is not for you. Interested students should fill out the application found here. EVHS Bridge Class application

Incoming Freshman Math 1 Enrichment

EVHS will be offering one section of Math 1 this summer for our incoming freshman. This class will cover a whole year of Math 1 and thus will be paced quickly and students will work hard. The grade a student earns in this class will go on their high school transcript, will be used to calculate their high school GPA, and will move a student into Math 2 next fall. It should only be attempted by students who are getting As in Math 8 and are finding the class to be easy. Interested students should fill out the application found here: EVHS Math 1 Accelerated class application


As a department, we strongly advise against students taking any summer school math course to advance.

Over the years we have seen too many students who have taken math in summer school to advance a year perform poorly in their subsequent math classes. Oftentimes the poor performance does not show up until the high level courses of Math Analysis or Calculus.

The school year is 38 weeks long, while summer school classes are only 5-6 weeks. Taking a math course in summer does not allow students adequate time to learn, process, and retain the material and thought processes needed for success in future math courses. Only students who currently have an A in their math class and find it to be VERY EASY should consider taking summer math to advance. An A is not enough. All students who do take summer math should be prepared to seek extra help the following year.

Also, EVHS has no control over the curriculum offered, the teachers who teach the classes, nor the level of difficulty of the course. Summer school programs are not always aligned with the EVHS math curriculum and may not cover all the lessons that are need to advance.